A muffler is actually just one part of a major system in your vehicle. The exhaust system in your car really starts at the front of the vehicle, just behind the engine. Without the complete system in proper working order, your muffler really doesn’t get the proper chance to do its job at all. This can mean higher carbon emissions, … Read More

Cooling Systems


The cooling system in your car is among the most important components when it comes to having the engine run safely and efficiently. This system consists of a number of separate parts that work together in order to keep your engine from overheating. The most important part of the cooling system is the radiator, but without all of the other … Read More

Car Batteries


A major reason why people have issues with their vehicles often has to do with the battery. Many problems that occur with a vehicle can often be solved by simply replacing your old car battery or by making minor repair to any damages to the terminals. To help you better understand how your car battery works, and when it may … Read More

Tire Repairs & Rotation


Keeping your tires in good working order at all times is extremely important to the performance and durability of your vehicle. Over time however, all tires deteriorate and will be in need of a rotation, if not a replacement. Having your tires properly balanced and rotated as scheduled in your car’s owner’s manual is a key factor towards keeping your … Read More



Your vehicle’s brakes are probably one of the most important components when it comes to the safety and stability of your car. Like most things having to do with your vehicle, it is always advisable to have your brakes inspected and repaired before any minor issues turn into major ones. The squeaky brakes you are hearing today can quickly change … Read More

Belts and Hoses


Like most of the components of your vehicle, the timing belts, drive belts and coolant hoses on your car will eventually need to be replaced. Due to the continuing wear and tear these pieces are often exposed to, it is only a matter of time before they completely wear out. If a belt breaks or a hose cracks while the … Read More

Factory Scheduled Maintenance


For new car owners, factory schedule maintenance is something many don’t think about. Newbies to the car world may think that all a car needs is an oil change here and there and it’s good to go. However, that can be a costly mistake. Your car breaks down in the middle of the road, and you’re not sure why. You … Read More

Fleet Maintenance


Whether you own a massive business with hundreds of fleets, or a mom-and-pop shop with a single van, fleet maintenance is vital. Just one breakdown of your vehicle can damage your business’s reputation, so you need to be vigilant about having your vehicles well-maintained. For those living in Burnaby, or just need Vancouver fleet vehicle maintenance, we do provide services … Read More

Air Conditioning Repairs and Issues


With summer now in full swing, you might find that you’re using the air conditioning in your car just as much as in your home. With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure that everything is in proper working order with your car’s A/C, since there is nothing worse than having to sit in a hot car when you’re stuck … Read More

Burnaby Suspension Specialists


Your vehicle’s suspension is a key component when it comes to a smooth ride and maintaining control of your car on the road. From small compact cars, to large SUVs and trucks, Bill and Walter’s Garage can solve the suspension problems for any make and model, for less than it would cost at a dealership too! If you suspect your … Read More