Burnaby Suspension Specialists


Your vehicle’s suspension is a key component when it comes to a smooth ride and maintaining control of your car on the road. From small compact cars, to large SUVs and trucks, Bill and Walter’s Garage can solve the suspension problems for any make and model, for less than it would cost at a dealership too! If you suspect your car’s suspension needs repairing, or if it’s simply time for some scheduled maintenance, visit Burnaby’s suspension specialists for top quality service at the right price.


Diagnosing Suspension Issues

Here are a few signs you can look for while driving to determine whether or not your suspension is in need of repair:

  • Your vehicle continues to move up and down after driving over a bump.
  • You hear knocks and/or squeaks after driving over a bump.
  • The brakes don’t stop the car well.
  • You notice vibrations or sudden jerks coming from the steering wheel.
  • You constantly have to adjust the steering wheel to maintain direction.
  • Your vehicle tends to pull either left or right.
  • Your tires are wearing down unevenly and faster than normal.


While it’s true that some of these problems can be easily fixed by doing things like realigning or adding air to the tires, or topping up on power steering fluid, a car’s suspension system can be quite complicated, and often require an expert to confirm whether all components are in proper working order. At Bill & Walter’s Garage, we have all the experience and expertise needed to take care of any problems drivers in the Burnaby area may encounter with their car’s suspension.


If you’re having trouble with your car, give us a call or bring your car over to the garage today. You can also join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook, and remember we repair all makes and models, so hurry in today for fast and reliable service!